Non tobacco based replacements

Smokeless cigarettes also known as e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes is a growing trend in the smoking industry. People who try to find an alternative to tobacco based cigars are increasingly moving towards this new modern tobacco less device. So if you are in the market looking for a alternative, electronic cigarettes may be a good choice which may be worth giving it a shot.


This modern smoking device e-cigarettes was originally invented by Hon Lik in 2003 a chinese pharmacist. The employer who hired him later renamed it as Ruyan which started exporting the product in 2005 and also received international patent for it in the year 2007.


These cigarettes are usually made up of 3 core components called the cartridge (mouth piece), atomizer (heating coil or element) and battery (power source).

anatomy of a e-cigarette

Anatomy of a smokeless cigarette : Catridge, atomizer and rechargeable battery


This is a small plastic container with basically two ends to it. One end attaches to the atomizer (or heating element) and the other end is for the mouth piece. Cartridges come in two forms: disposable or refillable.

  • Disposable > As the name states these are pre-filled cartridges that you buy as a package and once use you throw it away (use and throw)
  • Refillable > These are reusable containers so that you can buy the liquid and refill yourselves


This is also known as heating element is primarily the component that vaporizes the liquid from the above cartridge

Rechargeable battery (power source)

Battery is the primary power source that powers the atomizer or the heating elements which in turn creates the heat to vaporize the liquid. These batteries are commonly rechargeable so that you could charge them over and over again

How does it work?

Although they look like real cigarettes it would be nice to understand what process undergoes when someone smokes electronic cigarettes.

  1. The user (smoker) inhales the cigarette
  2. Sensor detects air flow and turns on heater element using a battery
  3. Heater vaporizes liquid in the cartridge
  4. A theatrical smoke is created by vaporizing propylene glycol
  5. Smoker gets a puff of hot gas that will feel like a tobacco
  6. Now when smoker exhales there is a cloud of propylene glycol vapor that looks like real smoke

Hope this article provides a detailed understanding of what smokeless cigarettes are and how they work when compared to traditional tobacco based cigarettes.

What is your thoughts about these cigarettes? Are you interested in buying these cigarettes? Would you consider trying these cigarettes offered at a discounted price?

Soon we’ll include details of where to buy them at discounted prices and get a great deal for your money.

Non tobacco based replacements
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